Sandro Cerrate, PhD

Poultry Nutritionist with experiences in statistical and modeling analysis, field farm visits, research and field studies, who worked as post-doc research associate in the University of Arkansas and as a nutritionist in a primary breeding company.

Presentations and Conferences

Presentations and Conferences in USA and Latin America in Scientific Symposiums, Universities, and Private Companies related to nutrient requirements for broiler chickens and breeders, feed cost optimization in broilers through nutrition, vitamins, microminerals and feed  additives.


Scientific and Magazine  Publications, 21 as first author and 29 as coauthor, related to feed ingredients in broiler chickens; maximum profit feed formulation; feed form; lysine and energy trends in broilers; and body composition and amino acids in broiler breeders.

Proceedings and BOOK

Labeled endogenous amino acids and net energy system in broiler chickens; lysine and lipid partitioning in broiler breeders in International Symposium Proceedings.

Uncover the Golden Eggs in Broilers breeders, book.